Zane HallowEye
Vital Statistics
Full Name Zane HallowEye, XIII
Gender Male
Race Shadow
Hometown Fukuoka, Japan
Signature Item Shadow Spirit (© Gaia Online)
Role Protagonist
First Appeared In Zane's Story

Chapter 1: The Birth of Zane

(The Saga Characters)
Zane HallowEye is a primary character in The Saga. He is the primary roleplaying character of UnownX in the guild Broken Moon. Even though a protagonist in The Saga, Zane is the some-kind-of-nemesis of Kuroi when they arrived at Fukuoka but a friend of Daisuke. Zane possesses the powers of his ancient ancestors, the Shadows, since when he was born in the nights of a bloody warfare. Unlike the other characters, he never saw the Waves of Dark Forces, but he had an unfortunate meeting with Lucifer when he accidentally entered the Gates of Hell in Tokyo. He is also a rebellious aristocrat, but he's still responsible and polite. Zane, unlike the other HallowEyes, wanted peace between the two warring races, the lycans and vampires. He also has friends in the lycans. He also trained his shadow, an alter ego of himself, to get his powers ready until he opened a portal to the world of the Broken Moon, a world which is very unfamiliar. Over this world, he and his shadow discovered secrets they would never imagine, like there is also another war of vampires and lycans. Zane actually ran away from his family to get away from the war, but running away brought him to a worse one. Zane is now finding his way out of the cruel world of Broken Moon back to Earth.

Zane as a Gaia Online avatar


Zane's shadow (also his shadow form)


Zane HallowEye as an animé character.

The Saga: Summary

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Chapter 1


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