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This wiki features the different things you need to know about UnownX and his works. This wiki is a self-operated wiki, a wiki that is mostly managed by me, UnownX. If you would want to help, please sign in and come and help, most pages are protected from unregistered users to avoid vandalism caused by spammers. If you would want to make a major change, suggest at UnownX Talk Page. Hope you understood how does this wiki works and enjoy your stay here.

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April 27, 2012

Again, after one year again, BELATED HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!
Fixed all templates.
Just started another wiki for new project: WoO Wiki
NEW! New template: Template:UnownX.
NEW! Wordmark for wiki and some major page tweaks.

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I'm reminding you that this wiki is a self-operated wiki, well mostly, since my project is not that famous in the Web. Most pages are protected from unregistered users to avoid threats of excessive spam but they are welcome to edit and create. Registered user, however, are able to edit and create throughout the wiki, except for the admin's personal pages. Questions may all go to UnownX Talk Page if there is a little misunderstanding.

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Bottomless Pit Entrance
The Bottomless Pit is a sub-region of Hell, it serves as a temporary judgment grounds for the damned souls. It stretches from The Gates of Hell to the Circle of Greed. (see more...)

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All images in this wiki all came directly from the original artists' galleries. I'm not owning the artworks as mine. The artist's name can be found (and credited) in the file page or in the image itself. If you are the original artist of the image, please kindly notify me about it and I will credit you for it, please include a link to the gallery where it came from.

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