UnownX Assistant v1000
Vital Statistics
Full Name UnownXaviers' Assistant version 1000.0
Gender Male
Race Humanoid
Birth Date March 28
Hometown Unown's Lair
Role Co-Creator
(The Saga Characters)

UnownX Assistant v1000 is the official "assistant" or mule account which helps UnownX in his work in Gaia Online. He is created for supporting UnownX in his work in Gaia Online. Originally used by UnownX's cousin, UnownX now uses this account together with the original account. Know more about V1000 in his Gaia Online Profile.


The purpose of v1000 is to mainly help UnownX is the gold gathering for his Great, Great Quest. This simple purpose, however, was majorly changed when UnownX took a great interest with special items in Gaia Online called Evolving Items. The journal of the mules' account became a little "wiki" to list up information about EIs. Today, the account is still active and is continually used for the said purposes above.

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