For a book in The Saga: see Unknown's Journal

Unknown's Journal is the main journal of UnownX in Gaia Online. Th journal consists of:

  • The Saga character profiles.
  • The Guide - posted as "Random Guides Over Here!", it features many guides and things about Gaia.
  • The Great, Great Quest - the quest of UnownX to get his dream items in Gaia.
  • All About EIs - an overview of Evolving Items for Unknown's Journal Expansion.
  • A topic on which features cosplay avatars from TekTek.
  • Other RPCs that are not related to The Saga.

The Unknown's Journal also appears in The Saga. It is the historical book of Mitsukis, which was later revealed the Unknown's Journal. It is named like that for the author of the book is left unknown.

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