The Fall of Lucifer
Vital Statistics
Prince of Darkness
Full Name Lucifer
Gender Male
Race High Demon
Hometown Hell
Signature Item Infernal Spirit (© Gaia Online)
Role Villain
First Appeared In Black Cotton's Story

Chapter 1: Life In Hell

(The Saga Characters)

Lucifer is the assistant of Satan in operating and guarding Hell. Since Satan is stuck in the frozen lake in the circle of Treachery, Lucifer became the leader of Hell, he heads every creature in it. Lucifer is also the one who leads the Waves of Dark Forces and even the Furies. Lucifer is a high demon and is the primary antagonist in The Saga, he is going after the soul of Daisuke to bring him back to his true form (which is still unrevealed).

The Fall of Lucifer

Lucifer's story is left unknown to everyone. According to some opinions and myths, Lucifer was an archangel (might be higher than the other famous archangels), a helper of God.

In The Saga, his story was based off of these references but UnownX decided to change a few things in the stories. It was time before Adam and Eve were created, angels all lived in harmony in Heaven while demons live in perish in Hell. One of these angels was Lucifer, he is higher than the archangels Michael and Gabriel, his rank makes him leader of the angelic troops. But Lucifer never liked his rank, he wants to achieve a higher goal, he wants to rule over all of the creations, he wants to be God.

Bottomless Pit Entrance

The entrance to the Bottomless Pit

But, in order to get to the rank he had been wanting, he needs to outrank God. In order to do that, Lucifer has called forth angels that has the same goal as his. They would siege the citadel of Heaven and bring the Heaven in chaos. But other angels heard about the rebellion, Michael was one of them. The other angels also arranged an army to fight these rebels. God found out about this event and threw the rebels out of Heaven, forever. They were thrown to a place so far from Heaven, the Bottomless Pit, and stayed in there for eternity.

Since then, Lucifer is still not giving up to achieve his goal. He has met Satan, the leader of the Underworld, and teamed up with him to help him reach his goal, Lucifer became the assistant of Satan around Hell.

Since then, Lucifer has tried to ruin God's creations until he had another chance, Lucifer morphed into a serpent and returned to Earth. That was also the time when God's most precious creations were done, Man.

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