Kuroi Mitsuki
Vital Statistics
Full Name Kuroi Mitsuki
Gender Male
Race Immortal
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Signature Item Birthday Cupcake (© Gaia Online)
Role Protagonist
First Appeared In Kuroi's Story:

Chapter 1: The Birth of Kuroi

(The Saga Characters)

Kuroi Mitsuki is a miscellaneous roleplaying character (RPC) created by UnownX in the website Gaia Online and plays as Daisuke's cousin. He's an immortal for he has been blessed by the angel named Miaka, who took care of him in her human form. Even if Daisuke and Kuroi were separated, they are still close cousins and are desperate to find each other. In The Saga, Kuroi is the first relative that Daisuke found (Constantine and Miaka are excluded since he didn't know they're also Mitsukis). The story of Kuroi goes around about what normal people felt during the attacks of the Waves of Dark Forces. Kuroi is in the journey to find his lost relatives, because they were all separated at the attacks in Tokyo. As a blessed immortal, Kuroi likes to pray. Miaka, in her human form, taught Kuroi how to bake. Kuroi is also the first one to discover their family's secrets. Daisuke and him grew together until they were 4 or 5 years old when they were separated. Lucifer never targeted Kuroi for doesn't even know that Kuroi exists, he thought Kuroi died in Tokyo. Because of his prayers, he had the chance to go to the Palace of Orion, a floating district in Heaven. His fondness to baking led him to work in Pastry Land. Kuroi is always determined, which helps him succeed in his goals.

The Saga: Summary

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