Vital Statistics
Full Name Harukia
Gender Female
Race Spring Nymph
Birth Date December 24
Hometown Spring Gardens
Signature Item Spring Nymph (© Gaia Online)
Role Supporting Character
First Appeared In Harukia's Story:

Chapter 1: The Start of Extinction

(The Saga Characters)
Harukia is a supporting roleplaying character (RPC) created by UnownX for the website Gaia Online. She is one of the last Spring Nymphs who survived the attacks of reapers which are sent by Satan. Her other sisters were kidnapped by the reapers to sell them in the Black Market,

Harukia as a Gaia Online avatar

a marketplace of doomed goods and a perfect place for cheating, greed, envy, and pride. Harukia is a prophesied spring nymph, told by Wisteria, a long, long time ago as a promise that she would be back to save the whole race of spring nymphs. Since she was born, she helped in many duties as a spring nymph, in helping nature. She got the chance to work for the Fates, who are responsible for a human's fate and are the rulers of Spring Gardens. The spirit of Wisteria stays within her, that's why she has the power to bring nature back to life. Harukia is the only main character in The Saga that had a

Harukia in Animé form

chance to stay with the Greek gods and goddesses. Harukia, since then, wants to save the world from climate change for she really loves the nature and she doesn't want it to be destroyed. She and Daisuke found each other again in Anime High, where Daisuke found her sleeping by a tree branch. Like Daisuke, she is on a mission to bring her family back, not only her family but their whole race.

The Saga: Summary

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Chapter 1


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