Fighting Dreamer EXE
Vital Statistics
Full Name GO! Fighting Dreamers.exe
Gender Male
Race Humanoid
Birth Date November 30
Hometown Unown's Lair
Role Co-Creator
(The Saga Characters)

Fighting Dreamer EXE is a mule account of UnownX. The account is originally owned by UnownX's brother but it was abandoned so UnownX decided to "adopt" the account. The account's name was derived from a Naruto opening theme, GO!!! by FLOW. Like UnownX Assistant v1000, EXE is used to help UnownX gather gold for his Great, Great Quest. EXE's journal also serves as another expansion for the Unknown's Journal but this time, it is a Gaia Online version of the UnownX Wiki, the Unknown's Wiki. Fighting Dreamer EXE is still forgotten at times, but UnownX is eager to improve the account same to v1000. Know more about EXE in his Gaia Online Profile.

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