A pure Electrum element
Vital Statistics
Name Electrum
Symbol ETM
Type electrical discharge
Location / Source lightnings, circuits
Rarity Level 87%

Electrum (ETM) is a fictional element in The Saga. It is a very essential element that is used in slaying dragons in the early time of Mitsukis. The rare element can't be found in usual mining caves and things, it's not even underground. They say that if a lightning was cooled down when it strikes the surface, the particles it would leave is the Electrum. There are different kinds of Electrum:

  1. Pure Electrum - the rarest of them all, you still need to catch a lightning and imprison it inside a clear container. Used to create dragon-slaying orbs.
  2. Precious Electrum - the sharpest type of Electrum, you can get one by getting a spark of lightning and freezing it inside a freezer or anyplace with negative temperature. Used to create Electrum Knives and Swords.

    An Electrum knife that is used to kill dragons

  3. Common Electrum - the most common type, it can be caught using a conductor and trapping the lightning using a water-filled container, the easiest one to obtain, even grounded circuits with their sparks frozen can also obtain Electrum. Used for the accessories made of Electrum.
  4. Fake Electrum - the Electrum which is not an Electrum. Fake Electrum can be a precious gold or any precious Earth elements. The fake Electrum can also be made of gold metallic foil, or any shiny objects, like glitter-covering or glossy paints. A fake Electrum is obtained using piracy. Remember, an Electrum can slay dragons quickly and if the Electrum didn't work on dragons that fast or never worked, it is a fake one.

Remember, Electrum is a fictional element, it's not true.

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