Vital Statistics
Full Name Doppelgänger
Gender Genderless
Race Spirit
Role Villain
First Appeared In The Powers of a Shadowl ; The Runaway Kuroi
Last Appeared In The Real Daisuke ; Face To Face
(The Saga Characters)

A doppelganger (or Doppelgänger) is a creature/spirit that is known as a double or a look-alike of a person that represents evil or a perfect contrast of the one whom it copied.

Doppelganger often appear in dreams or illusions, but they appear to be real. In some traditions, doppelgangers are believed to be harbingers of bad luck. If a relative or friend of the original saw the "twin", it is a sign of a sickness or terrible danger; if the original saw his/her own doppelganger, it is an omen of a greater danger: Death.

Once a doppelganger copies a person, it will be able to see the person's memories and acquire the same feelings, and probably become a perfect contrast of it to destroy the life of the original — by hurting a friend or family, doing crimes, or other things the original won't do. Some doppelgangers will try to kill the original to replace them permanently. Other doppelgangers are just copying people to scare others while others just show what will the person do in the future, to warn the original about anything that might happen.

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