Black Cotton
A pure Black Cotton element
Vital Statistics
Name Black Cotton
Symbol BLC
Type dark matter
Location / Source Universe
Rarity Level 93%
The Black Cotton (BLC) is a fictional element in The Saga. The Black Cotton was believed to stay as a myth until it is discovered that the element stays somewhere far away (possibly in Chaos' Void) and is covered with the rare element of Dark Matter, which is found in the deepest part of the universe. Black Cotton is also the origin of Daisuke's nickname to his imp. Black Cotton can be obtained by travelling to a distant galaxy and collecting Dark Matter, they would contain some Black Cotton puffs. Black Cottons are also considered as small "black holes". They say that the Black Cotton has the power to absorb light, that's why Lucifer is looking for it. Black Cottons, same as Dark Matter, are distorted parts of the universe, but once Black Cotton balls fusion together, they would create a shadow ball (not a black hole). A shadow ball expands as it eats near lighted objects (including gas).

A shadow ball sucking all light, and even life, around it.

The Black Cotton is divided to different classifications and types:
  1. Pure Cotton - the rarest of them all, you still need to go to Chaos' Void and collect large masses if Dark Matter, they come in small sizes, maybe as big as the thumb. They become solid when touched.
  2. Distorted Cotton - the most dangerous kind, they have the chance to fusion if they got near each other, because their Dark Matter content is very low, they are the ones responsible for Shadow Balls. They come in different sizes, some as big as our palms and some are like are foot.
  3. Depleted Cotton - the safest kind, even though as big as an adult human, they're found in the end tip of the universe and they just stay there, floating to nowhere. They have already depleted their materials that's why they're safe already, they never fusion and they are solid already. These types of Black Cottons can be crashed to smaller particles, like Black Dust, which is used to create hell imps, like Black Cotton.
  4. Fake BLC - the fake BLC can be obtained by soaking a normal cotton ball from a black paint or spraying black paint on it. They don't have the powers to fusion for they are fake. Real BLCs are made of gas and are solid when touched.

Please note that the Black Cotton is just a fictional element, it's not true. Dark Matter covering the said element is the same dark matter that astronomers and scientists search for today.

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