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Black Cotton
Vital Statistics
Full Name Black Cotton
Gender Female
Race Hell Imp
Birth Date October 29
Hometown Underworld
Signature Item Devil Imp Plushie (© Gaia Online)
Role Supporting Character
First Appeared In Black Cotton's Story:

Chapter 1: The Life in Hell

(The Saga Characters)

Daisuke's Imp, more known as BlackCotton, is Daisuke's childhood friend and personal guardian. She is a former gate guardian in Hell, but when Constantine visited her and told everything about Lucifer and Satan's plans, she rebelled against them, demoting her back to a servant imp. She escaped Hell and helped Constantine take care of Daisuke and Kuroi. Daisuke knows her as "Black Cotton" because he thought that she is a Black Cotton ball, a fictional element that was known not to exist but it does in The Saga. The imp and Daisuke became close friends that's why the Furies kidnapped her as a bait for Daisuke and Constantine. She was imprisoned in the Bottomless Pit where she met Constantine's father. The old man explained everything about The Pit to her, they even met Phobetor, the god of nightmares, and gave them a gift. She even saw Constantine's father's death before her very own eyes. She met a person named Albion, who is also seeking rebellion against Lucifer as a revenge for the fall of his race, the Gravitas. Together, they will make plans to get out of The Pit. The imp saw Daisuke again in Anime High for Daisuke used a summoning skill to summon the imp and made her get out of The Pit. She'll do everything to protect Daisuke, even dying, just to ensure Daisuke is safe.

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