Vital Statistics
Full Name Alruna
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Signature Item Alruna's Rose (© Gaia Online)
Role Miscellaneous Character
First Appeared In Kuroi's Story:

Chapter 8: Alruna and Anurla

Last Appeared In Kuroi's Story:

Chapter 9: Death of Furies

(The Saga Characters)
For the Gaia Online item: see Alruna's Rose

Alruna (© Gaia Online) is a succubus, together with her companion, Anurla (© Gaia Online), who lives in a region in the Bottomless Pit called House of Lust. She is also the great leader of succubi, but sometimes also the incubi, when Anurla is not present. The known powers of Alruna includes mind control, mind reading, great strength, and the great charm for seduction. Alruna, though a well-known succubus, is still kind to mortals, she thinks, together with Anurla, that Lucifer should pay for what he is doing to the people of Earth.

It also says in The Saga that Alruna and Anurla are the only succubus and incubus that survived from Lucifer's mind control, which controlled every succubi and incubi, resulting to a war of humans against the united forces of succubi and incubi. The family of Mitsuki is stuck in the middle of the fight and Alruna and Anurla are the only ones that helped them get out of their situation.

Outside and Inside


Alruna as she appears in Gaia Online.


Alruna in her animé form.

Outside, Alruna is a very seductive succubus, she loves to do work, especially with Anurla. She is a sexy woman which is really seductive to the opposite sex. She may also look brave, shy, timid, or quiet, to disguise from her victim.

Meanwhile, deep inside her is a golden heart (not literally), she loves to do work to make her masters proud, but since she is also close to mortals, when she found out about Lucifer's plan to dominate the human world, she went against it and made a rebellion, still together with Anurla and the other succubi and incubi.


Alruna's work is to seduce men in their sleep, and this is a possible reason why some men have nocturnal emission. Her work is also to maintain the work of the other succubi and incubi, and keep the House of Lust standing. As a succubus, she also collects the semen of the man and gives it to Anurla or an incubi, to pass it on a girl, and that possibly explains why some mothers are just single parents, with an unknown cause of their pregnancy.

Greatest Achievement

Alruna's greatest achievement is when she overcame her master's cruel laws and killed them, she killed the Furies. She also saved Kuroi and Miaka from the other succubi and incubi that were having fun at them. She was proud of herself, for killing the Furies and helping another Mitsuki, which is very close to them since she gave the black rose to their family elder.

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